KMS is the place to be for company training.

What we provide is tailormade for the occupational training of your captains and/or chief mates.

Training options are:

  • New system

    Learning to handle a new system. This is meant for candidates who are already capable of maneuvering with a different system.

  • Full training program

    Full training program for mates to become captain. This is for candidates who need to learn not only how to maneuver the tug and its system, but also how to work with a tug.

  • Request

    Any other type of training and/or service can be provided upon request.

Performance check:

KMS can also perform a quality and performance check within your organisation in order to determine if the knowledge and skill level of the captains measure up to the standard quality level of your company.
If necessary, a tailormade training program can be set up in order to restore the required level of expertise and skills.

Theoretical knowledge:

Extensive theoretical knowledge regarding ship behaviour, ship interactions and hydrodynamics allows us to theoretically and on paper show the candidates what happens in practice.
This has proven to be extremely helpful for not only speeding up the learning process, but also expanding the candidates’ knowledge and understanding.

What does the process look like?

  • First we have an intake conversation;

  • The customer explains the company’s needs and wishes;

  • A training program is proposed;

  • After agreement the training starts;

  • An evaluation takes place after completion of the training.

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